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Buy Your First Home or Your Next Home; Sell or Refinance Your Existing Property with ShopAround Mortgage & Real Estate Services

We're a mortgage and real estate agency with expertise in credit analysis & credit repair. We've served Southern California for over 20 years and we're here to stay. We offer the opportunity for all of our clients to achieve their goal of home ownership no matter their current credit score or financial situation.

We Always Say Yes To Our Customers

Our process has been to save our clients as much money as possible and to increase their credit worthiness all while purchasing their dream home. All within a stress-free environment and without judgement. We'll answer all of your questions no matter what they may be. Questions about mortgage rates & monthly payment amounts to current interest rates and even credit analysis & repair tips and tricks to raising your current credit score. Together we'll work to raise up your credit score before getting you pre-approved for a home loan from a trusted mortgage lender of your choice; meanwhile addressing all of your questions and concerns while working together. There's no topic off the table and there's nothing we can't teach you in this real estate and/or mortgage process.

No matter if you're a first time homebuyer or a veteran in the SoCal housing market, we'll put you in the home of your dreams at the price of your dreams. 

We work hard for you during our short time together and it will show.

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